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Depth of the Light Voyage is a virtual gallery and exhibition made up of pictures taken underwater, inside the Riviera Maya cenotes. They are accompanied by a series of poems.

Depth of the Light Voyage represents the unique experience of diving deep down the mythical world of the Mexican cenotes, through a spiritual odyssey where many different nature aspects converge together. It is a symphony of light and colors representing a dive inside oneself, a state of consciousness revealing our truest essence, throwing us into a magical-alchemical reality as antique as our planet is.

A journey through time, in which great stalactites, stalagmites, haloclines, biomes, fossils, bones and earth, water, air, and fire configurations reveal the Spirit and its harmonic bond to the Whole.

Our evolution as a self-aware species allows us to observe, appreciate, comprehend, and recognize the frail balance of our planet, as well as the deep link that we, the living beings who inhabit it, share as one.


Ilan Cohen

A journey to the depths where I found my own light

On December 2018, after having presented my latest photography exhibition, Abstracts of Light II, I decided I had to go scuba diving to the Riviera Maya.

Fired up to learn further about underwater photography, I got my hands on a camera housing —underwater camera cover— so I could take pictures inside cenotes and the sea.


Dive into the depths of the Riviera Maya.

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Ilan Cohen

Ilan is an entrepreneur, consultant, photographer, traveler, yogi, scuba diver and passionate about nature and personal development.

He started scuba diving at the age of 13, in Cozumel where he took his first lesson. Then he went on to Dahab, Egypt, where he took advanced lessons in open water. To date, he has gone scuba diving over 250 times.